Van Helsings are a royal bloodline that through history has consisted of vampire hunters. As stated by Rebecca, Van Helsings are more similiar to vampires than humans. They share common abilities with vampires, thus they can be considered a sub-species of vampires.

Biography Edit

Very little is known about Van Helsings, other than being a royal bloodline with vampire warriors. According to Dmitri, who has lived for 300 years, has stated that the Van Helsings have been mercilessly hunting vampires for centuries.

Notable Members Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Healing Factor: Van Helsing's can can heal all injuries and wounds at superhuman speed, thus making them more superior than ordinary humans. Any wounds that would be considered fatal to an ordinary human, would get healed in mere seconds.
  • Superhuman Speed: The supernatural ability to jump, leap, move and run at a superhuman velocity.
  • Superhuman Strength: A van Helsing are much stronger than ordinary humans and easily at the level of a vampire, as seen when Vanessa quite easily could keep up with Rebecca during their fight, however, they do not exceed the strength of ancient vampires such as Dmitri.
  • Daytime Walking: An ability that makes them far more superior than normal vampires. Van Helsing's, despite being closer to vampires than humans, can fully operate during day-time and can consume human food.
  • Vampire-Reversion: A Van Helsing can turn any ordinary vampire back to humans, and once they become human, they can no longer be turned back to a vampire, thus making them a big threat to vampires.

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