Van Helsing Wikia - Spoilers

Van Helsing wiki is very Spoiler-friendly, we are often welcoming to spoilers in just about all forms.

The primary goal is to publish up to date content and information for all things Van Helsing related as soon as possible. Information that possibly presents what will happen in future episodes of the series that is found online by a reliable source will be publishable on the wiki in an an article that the contributors of this wiki see fit. However, we will not publish information taken from an episode which has not yet aired on Syfy in the United States. Leaked episodes will not be published on this site until it's official airing on television.

Appropriate spoilers can be posted in articles, blogs, talk pages, comments etc. However, if spoilers from a leaked episode are posted, an Administrator should be notified in order to remove it.


At Van Helsing wiki, spoilers consists of the following....

  • Promotional pictures
  • Teasers, trailers and sneak peeks
  • Insiders
  • Interviews with writers, producers, or show runners.
  • News released from reliable sources such as NBC, SpoilerTV, Deadline, TVLine etc.
  • Showfax casting.

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