Van Helsing Wikia - Policies and Guidelines

Policies and Guidlines are set rules and regulations on the Van Helsing wiki that all users are expected to follow, regardless of status and position.

I should be noted that all policies are open to change, however, this is only to occur under rare circumstances and all parties involved agree to the alterations being presented at the time

This page contains a list of current Van Helsing Wiki policies. We insist everyone visit these pages in order to prevent any mishaps.

If you are ever in doubt, remember that you can always contact an Administrator.

Badge Boosting

Main article: Van Helsing Wiki:Badge Boosting

Badge Boosting is prohibited on this wiki and we urge you to remember that there is no material benefit to be had from earning badges. It's nothing more than a virtual reward for your faithful editing.


Main article: Van Helsing Wiki:Chat

We do not have a strict policy on what occurs in chat or the topics that are discussed, users are free to chat about whatever they would like.


Main article: Van Helsing Wiki:Equality

This particular policy is put in place to remind everyone here that all users are equal, whether you are an anon, a regular user, a moderator or an admin. No one user is above disciplinary action, and no user is greater than another due to status.


Main article: Van Helsing Wiki:Images

In effort to keep this wiki clean and organized, we have an image policy. This includes quality, naming, duplicates, videos, etc. Before you upload images to this wiki, read through our image policy.


Main article: Van Helsing Wiki:Spoilers

The primary goal of the Van Helsing Wiki is to publish up to date content and information for all things related to the series. However, leaked episodes will not be published on this site until it's official airing on television. We do allow spoilers depending on the source and material. See the main article link above for more detail


Main article: Van Helsing Wiki:Vandalism

Vandalism will not be tolerated on this wiki and any deliberate attempt to disrupt a stable flow in any form will result in the user being temporarily or even permanently banned.

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