Van Helsing Wikia - Images

The Image policy was put in place to remind the users of Van Helsing that images and gifs are more than welcome to be added. However, this does not come without bounds.

Here at Van Helsing, we ask that all users take the time to fully read through the below guidelines before uploading images, gifs and videos to Van Helsing. The users here tirelessly work to maintain a high standard of image quality and content. It is widely accepted among editors and, if not already, should become standard practice that all users should follow.

In short, please be sure to appropriately name each image to adhere to the below guideline.

Image NamesEdit

Images should be accurately named. This can encompass a wide range depictions such as to explain the topic it's showing (i.e. Van Helsing Julius Vampire), the action shown (i.e. Vanessa shooting rifle), or who the image is of and the episode within (i.e. Susan Jackson in the Season One Pilot; the only other variations allowed is 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04 etc). Images that fall from this policy can and will be renamed or deleted. Correctly named images helps us easily identify images to add to articles, instead of hunting down for misnamed images for a specific page; this is considered a big part of the community and will be enforced. Therefore, to aid user, when uploading images directly from your computer into the editor, please double check that the image is properly saved under a identifiable name. Should the image be accidentally misnamed, do not upload a duplicate image, instead contact an Administrator.


Screencaps are the preferred image type for Van Helsing Wikia, given the inherent quality, though should not be more than a couple screencaps per any given scene. This applies to all pages. We also ask that each image be sized at no more than 250px. This can be done by adding |250px somewhere in the image brackets, i.e. [ [File:image_name.jpg|thumb|250px|Your image caption, if necessary] ]. Secondly, if possible, the highest quality resolution image should be uploaded, such as 720p/1080p/HD, so image visibility is clear. Should a better quality image become available, feel free to upload a newer version from the Upload a new version of this file link found on each image page. If not possible, please hold off on uploading the image until one becomes available. Please see the Categorization section for additional details concerning categorizing screencaps.

Promotional ImagesEdit

Promotional images of the show and its characters are released from Syfy and their affiliates, therefore this is the preferred quality of images used on character articles. Season/episode premiere promotional images are also welcomed and used with discretion. Please note when adding/changing photos of actor/actress articles, use official photoshoots (instead of candid appearance, unless otherwise noted) of the actor and not the character they portray on Van Helsing and/or another TV series/movie. This also applies to the character pages as well (not to include an actor/actress out of character).

Duplicate Images and VideosEdit

Please do not upload duplicate images and/or videos. File names should not be duplicated either though similar named files are permissible within reason such as Mohamad 1x11 Image 1, Dmitri 1x09 Image 2 and so on. Wiki will usually acknowledge users when duplicate image and/or filename are already detected on the site. Therefore, the user should stop the upload process and use the image already uploaded. Duplicate images only provide clutter and makes it harder to effectively identify images and filenames that can otherwise be used as an advantage by users across pages.

Fan ImagesEdit

While fan images are allowed on Van Helsing, they are prohibited on articles in the main namespace; this includes articles, episodes, species etc. All fan images should be contained to comments, message walls, profiles, blogs, sandboxes or sub-pages. Fan images are classed as any image that has been altered from the original form it aired in either on box set and/or live TV. Please see the Categorization section for additional details concerning categorizing fan images.


Similar to images, gifs should be a reflection of the show and only pertain to Van Hesling. While some gifs may be necessary within an article, we ask that gif usage is kept to a minimum (3-5). Gifs are not allowed in galleries, episodes, season pages, templates, etc. We ask this (or special cases the bare minimum) because an over abundance of Gifs slows the loading of the pages and presents a problem for users on metered connections. Special cases that are acceptable include power, characters and species articles, as such they can reflect the power/magical effect, a transformation, and/or an action concerning a significant relationship event (such as a first kiss, or significant other's death, etc.). Gifs can be freely used on user's own pages such as blogs, subpages, user-pages, comments, etc.


Similar to images, when uploading a video to the wiki, it should be of HD quality, either 720/1080p, and the events there in should be clearly seen. Videos can be added from YouTube and the filename should, following the image policy, be named appropriately. Please refrain from using videos on any other articles except for promos of episodes, with few exceptions to power/species articles. With this said, before adding the video, an admin should be contacted for confirmation. Like images, please also check for duplicate videos before adding them as well as feel free to replace videos with higher definition ones.

Fandom ImagesEdit

We prohibit media from other fandoms and thus those that to not relate to the Van Helsing universe, will be deleted without warning; please do not upload them. Despite the restrictions, users are free to talk about other fandoms wherever they wish — excluding the main namespace of course. Links to images, gifs and videos are thus allowed and preferred rather than directly uploading to the wiki.

Infobox ImagesEdit

If you would like to change an infobox image on a character's page, it is preferred that you post a link, not the actual image in the comments section of the page, and get a consensus (roughly five affirmative votes) from users. In doing this, it helps prevent edit wars over images.

Personal ImagesEdit

Personal photos are not allowed, with the only exception being your User Picture. With that said, images upload to the wiki of yourself, your family or friends will be deleted. This is for the safety of yourself and others and to maintain your privacy. However, anonymous Comic con images of fans at panels or along side the cast and crew are accepted.

Unrelated to In-Universe ImagesEdit

Non-universe related images is prohibited as this wiki is dedicated to the cast, crew, and story of Van Helsing. Linking (not uploading) images and video to comment/forums are acceptable as long as they do not violate the aforementioned Policies.