Vampires[1] (also known as feeders/ferals) are a species of nocturnal creatures introduced during season one of Syfy's Van Helsing.

History Edit

Vampires have lived among humans for centuries, surviving in the shadows and masking their presence from humanity as a means to live free of persecution. Until recently, humans remained unaware of their existence outside of myths and ancient folklore.

Female vampires are incapable of bearing children. According to Rebecca, they are only able to give centuries of life, not create it. However, their male-counter parts are more than capable of procreating with humans.

Transition Edit

When a human is bitten by a vampire, their transformation occurs rapidly. When Doc's arm was bitten, it took about a minute for the infection to take root, leaving her no time to cut the limb off. As she began to mutate, her flesh began to turn grey and purple veins appeared across her skin. What little time she had left was spent being tied down by Axel, who finished securing her just seconds before the transformation completed.

Classes Edit

Ferals: This specific class of vampires resort to drinking animal blood to survive. Their non-human diet imbues them with traits from the animals they feed upon, such as fangs, claws and several other physical and behavioral adaptations. Because this class of vampire is so animal-like, they are incapable of speaking; their only form of communication is through coordination with other ferals in a pack mentality.

Unknown: Axel mentions an unknown, unseen breed of vampire living in the waters. Nothing is known about them, but his comments suggest they are even more frightening than the ferals.

Julius' Brood: These baseline vampires are specifically known for following a powerful vampire known as Julius. They are visibly more human than feral vampires, capable of speech communication and possessing no animalistic traits aside from their gutural voices. Under Julius' command, these vampires are groomed to be tribal warriors, covering themselves in warpaint and blood before battle.

Dmitri's Vampires: These comprise the vampires who aligned with Dmitri, an ancient who has lived for at least 300 years. Compared to all the other vampires, they have the most human-like appearance - they wear clothes that follow today's fashion and adapt behaviors suited to modern society in order to avoid the notice of humans. Dmitri and Rebecca have used these vampires to isolate and marginalize human communities, as well as run a blood farm that keeps them all well-fed. They have also put effort into running pollution factories in order to keep the skies dark.

Factions Edit

The existing number and diversity of vampire factions are currently unknown, but so far, they are known to be local to the Pacific Northwest area.

Strengths Edit

  • Accelerated Healing: The healing factor of vampires is quite extraordinary, they can survive many of what would be considered fatal wounds to a human, such as being stabbed with a blade or shot multiple times. They still feel the pain that is inflicted by these weapons, however, it quickly heals, relieving them of the pain as if nothing happened. Vampirism also heals old injuries that may have been sustained long before the possessor became a vampire, Flesh had a bad shoulder before becoming a vampire, but the ache returned when he became human again. They are able to reattach their limbs, as Dimitri was able to reattach his severed hand.
  • Advanced Speed: Vampires are incredibly fast, much quicker than any human could ever be. Despite having a head start, Sam was able to catch up to Vanessa and Mohamad rather quickly, with very little difficulty.
  • Advanced Strength: Like their speed, a vampires strength far out matches that of any human. They'be been shown to over power humans on several occasions. Despite Vanessa's Van Helsing lineage, she even had difficulty taking on Rebecca, a vampire much older than herself.
  • Heightened Senses: Possessing a highly keen sense of smell, sight, taste and hearing makes these creatures even more dangerous. Flesh explained that his sight was repaired after becoming a vampire, he hadn't needed glasses for years, that is until he was reverted back to his human status. Vampires have very sensitive hearing and smell, they often use this to track their prey. After becoming a vampire, Sam was able to hunt Vanessa and Mohamad down to an old abandoned cabin, however, they had already moved on.
  • Longevity: Contrary to popular belief, vampires are not immortal, they do age, but at a much slower rate than any human. According to Dr. Sholomenko, vampires can live for hundreds of years but in the end, they eventually die. This terrifies them.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Decapitation: This is the ideal way to ensure a vampire's death. However, it is difficult and dangerous to do, since it usually involves close-combat fighting and vampires have incredible reflexes and speed.
  • Heart Destruction: This is the most relied-upon tactic, as it typically guarantees a long-distance assault. An automatic rifle or shotgun is ideal for this to work.
  • Extreme Brain Damage - Enough damage to the head, even without decapitation, can kill a vampire.
  • Massive Blood Loss: Vampires are capable of exsanguination; however, this is difficult to achieve due to their accelerated healing ability. With that being said, if enough damage is applied, they can be killed through several methods as they are not indestructible.
  • Sunlight/UV light: UV rays are their primary source of weakness. Before the Rising, vampires were incapable of stepping outside in broad daylight, as the ultraviolet radiation would cause their flesh to combust. Axel Miller and his fellow Marines fortified the hospital with UV lamps to deter vampires from reaching their camp. The vampires forced their human slaves to work the power plants, constantly pumping more smog into the air in order to create cover of the clouds, this prevents them from having to resort to hiding in the darkness as they did in the past.
  • Reversion: When biting or blood consumption from Vanessa Van Helsing occurs, it can have varying effects on vampires. A feeder will momentarily become incapacitated, soon resulting in reversion, turning them from vampire back to human. Unfortunately, ferals aren't as lucky, when the process takes place for them, it results in a near instant death.

Known Vampires Edit

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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