Do not fear her. Take her.
— Scab to his vampire comrades in Coming Back

Scab is a character that was introduced in the fourth episode of Syfy's Van Helsing. He is a Vampire and servant of Julius. He is portrayed by Rowland Pidlubny.

Biography Edit

There's currently no detailed information of Scab's history, regarding to his life prior to becoming a vampire or The Rising.

Season One Edit

Upon finding Vanessa Helsing, he instructs his comrades to not fear her but to capture. She manages to fend them off for a moments, however, their numbers are far greater than her's, eventually overwhelming Vanessa, strapping her to a board and bringing her to Julius. Continue Reading Here....

After capturing Vanessa Helsing, Scab brings her back to Julius, who is pleased with her arrival, after watching Vanessa turn a vampire named Susan back into a human as they escape, he is chocked up by Julius who insists that they find Vanessa, and bring her back alive. Continue Reading Here....

As Julius waits on the steps for his men's return, hopefully with Vanessa, Scab returns with unpleasent news, explaining that he failed due to being attacked by the sewer beasts, and that Vanessa is likely dead as well. Julius croutches down, wiping his blade across his comrade's face, wondering how he could possibly be sure, then going into a fit of rage. Continue Reading Here....

The vampires rush the hospital in search for Vanessa Helsing, they first take out the UV lights at the entrance, then throwing their bodies against the building as a tactic until they find a way inside. Once they manage to breach the front doors, they are swiftly taken out by the survivors, the remaining vampires come out defeated and wounded, Julius tells him that he's disappointed, but he points out that they need more warriors, Julius claims he'll get more. Continue Reading Here....

Several of Julius' vampires gather as he interrogates Magdalene on the whereabouts of the baby that he is owed. They have a feral on a chain, threatening to release it on Magdalene if she doesn't give them something to work with. Continue Reading Here....

After being led to Eden by Magdalene, Scab reveals that the buildings are empty, the humans are gone, Julius wants to know how they humans knew they were coming, Magdalene claims that must've been warned. Julius kill Magdalene as he believes she warned them and then demands that Scab burn the buildings. He later brings Sam to Mama, he's dying and nearly feral, when Mama orders him to be killed, Scab explains that Sam was one of the humans at the Hospital with The Woman. Continue Reading Here....

Personality Edit

Scab is Julius' loyal minion, one of many in fact. Julius often relies on him to accomplish certain tasks that he himself would not do. Scab isn't only loyal but he can be fearless at time too. He showed little to no fear when tasked with the mission to apprehend Vanessa Helsing, unlike his comrades who were quite fearful. However, this fearlessness isn't always the case, as he was quite hesitant to enter the underground sewers to pursue Vanessa and Susan due to the mutate vampires that reside down there.

Abilities Edit

He Possesses the typical abilities associated with vampires, such as advanced strength, speed, longevity, etc. He has yet to display these abilities, however, due to his vampire nature, the only conclusion to be made is that he possess these powers as every vampire does.

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances: 6/13
Help Me:
Seen You:
Stay Inside:
Coming Back:
Fear Her:
Nothing Matters:
For Me:
Little Thing:
Help Out:
Stay Away:
Last Time:
He's Coming:
It Begins:

Gallery Edit

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