Keep her, use her, regain your place.
— Mama to Julius in Coming Back

Mama is a recurring character during Season One of SyFy's Van Hesling. She is portrayed by Christina Jastrzembska.

She is the mother of Julius, as well as a member of his Brood.

Biography Edit

She's a very old vampire, along with her son Julius, who she seems to follow or possibly guide.

Season One Edit

Mama makes herself known after learning that Vanessa Helsing, the solution to all their problems was spotted nearby. Julius plans on capturing Vanessa and then handing her over to Dmitri, however, Mama has another plan in mind, she thinks they should keep Vanessa and use this to reign. Continue Reading Here....

Mama quickly notices that all the other vampires fear Vanessa Helsing as she is brought into the compound, she softly tells Julius that Vanessa could change everything for them. She watches as Vanessa takes on Susan in a battle as a test, which results in Vanessa biting Susan, curing her right in front of her eyes. Continue Reading Here....

Mama watches as Julius interrogates Magdalene after she failed to deliver the baby. Magdalene claims that she collected the child but she lost it because of The Woman. Magdalene begs for her life, claiming she will show them the path. Mama nods her head in agreement. Continue Reading Here...

Mama tells Scab to get rid of Sam after he brings her to him, she tells Scab not to defy her but he explains that Sam is different, he was at the hospital with the Woman. Mama allows Sam to feed, she says animal blood is crude and toxic, human blood is far more sufficient, his blindness is leaving him, if she hadn't given him a human to feed on, he would've became a feral. Sam says he now understands, she saved him and in return, he can save her, she sits on his lap, asking to know more about Vanessa, Mama wants to know about her, everyone she turned and Mohamad, he says he'll tell Mama what she wants to know about Vanessa, but Mohamad is his, however, Mama demands to know everything. Continue Reading Here....

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Mama presumably has the typical abilities associated with vampires, such as advanced strength, speed, longevity, etc.

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances: 4/13
Help Me:
Seen You:
Stay Inside:
Coming Back:
Fear Her:
Nothing Matters:
For Me:
Little Thing:
Help Out:
Stay Away:
Last Time:
He's Coming:
It Begins:

Gallery Edit

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