Aleks Paunovic is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in "Rollin" in Syfy's "Continuum", "Julien Dupont" in The CW's "iZombie", and "Gustus" in The CW's "The 100". He currently portrays Julius on Syfy's Van Helsing.

History Edit

He was born on June 29th of 1969, and is from Manitoba Canada. He is of Croatian (on mother's side) and Serbian (father's side) descent.

Before getting into acting, he was a boxer and in a rock band. It is then that he later began his career as an actor.

Biography Edit

Aleks' first on-screen appearance was in 1994 in an HBO film called "Heads". He portrayed a character named Roderick. There's a rather interesting story behind how he landed this role, he was playing in his rock band, while doing so on stage he got asked to audition for the movie. Every since that first role, he has had a passion for acting. Aleks then began to write a sci-fi series with a close friend that lived in Vancouver. After gaining some attention in Hollywood, he decided to drop everything and move to pursue his writing and acting career.

Since that first audition, he's appeared in multiple shows, such as "Stargate SG-1", "The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron", "Cold Squad", "Whistler", "Saved", "Eureka", "Battlestar Galactica", "Smallville", and many others.

He's Currently in a long-term relationship with fellow Canadian actress, Aliyah O'Brien.

Trivia Edit

  • Canadian champion in amateur boxing.
  • Had to put on 65 pounds of 'pizza and ice cream' fat for the role of Tom in "Personal Effects".

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